Games welcome

Games, Descriptions and LinksEdit

-Platformer (My first try at Flash.) Play on The Dumping Grounds

-The Floorsland (My first tyr at a serious Flash game) Play on Newgrounds

-Telinc`s Quiz (My first and last quiz game) Play on Newgrounds

-A simple tetris game (A mini-game) Play on Newgrounds

-The Floorsland 2 (My second REAL game) Play on Newgrounds

-The Floorsland 3 (Another game) Play on Newgrounds

-The Mouse Maze (Hard Edition) (A very hard edition of The Mouse Maze) Play on Newgrounds

-A snake game (Just a mini-game) Play on Newgrounds


thumb|left|336px|Platformer Demonstration

thumb|right|336px|The Floorsland Demonstration

There are only 2 demos for now, but I`ll make more

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