07th September 2011: We added the new official skin and enabled the chat.

23th September 2011: Tweaked some MediaWiki pages.

30th September 2011: Fixed some glitched pages and typos.

07th October 2011: Fixed the welcome templates and some MediaWiki pages.

08th October 2011: Made the voting templates + a voting chart. Made the main page better.

09th October 2011: Fixed the glitched buttons on the right rail of the main page. Recoloured the links only for the main page, so every container is maroon now.

12th October 2011: We added the new navigation.

14th October 2011: We updated the wiki navigation and added an about page.

16th October 2011: We've made some major fixing to the wiki, but we're still battling with CSS and JS.

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