I have a very good new! We started growing very fast! Here are some new things that we can preffer you:

Category - Internet Things

Category - HTML

Requests - Admin/Sysop

Telinc`s Wiki Documentation

Help - Guidelines

Forum Index

Our chatroom

It`s a secret. Shhhh...

We also updated and created some templates! If you are interested:


Template - Self (Used when you select the "I took this photo myself" licensing option)

Template - From Wikimedia (Used when you select the "I got this from a Wikipedia or another Wikimedia project." licensing option.)

Template - CC-BY-SA (Used when you select the Share-Alike License.)

Template - Delete (Used when you use {{delete}} in a page.)


Template - Free Time

Template - InfoBox User

There are many other...

We also updated some buttons. they are self-Explenatory.

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